Throwback Thursday – Poem # 22

My apologies for not being around! I’ve just been so busy! So a day late, here is your TBT poem in time for Valentine’s Day.  I would like to explain what Valentine’s Day is and why celebrating it is just not really that important to me. The holiday began as a liturgical celebration for the Christian Saint Valentinus.  Then in the Middle Ages, Chaucer first associated the holiday with love when courting flourished. The story that it is a holiday created by the greeting card company is a myth, for in 18th century England it became a day for lovers to express their feelings with confectioneries, flowers, and, yes, greeting cards called valentines but they were hand written. To me, it was my parents’ anniversary and that was something to celebrate. They showed me what true love is and it’s not cards, chocolate, or flowers. It’s the little things and if you’re with the right person – every day is a day of love. A gift someone gives you just because they thought of you is SO much better than something they feel they have to give you because of a holiday.

It was written in 1986 – I can’t remember who it was for 🙂


Valentine’s Day

 I just wanted to tell you “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

And let you know all the things I couldn’t say.

There is so much I want you to know,

I want you to know how I love you so.

I didn’t love you in the beginning, I only liked you,

But someone in this short time I’ve grown to love you.

I also want you to know that I respect you

I don’t know what makes me but I do.

There is something within you that brings out this respect

Even though when I’m with you I just don’t know what to expect.

The way your eyes light up when you smile

Makes me feel as if I’ve run a mile.

And when you do just out of the blue,

I fall more deeply in love with you.

I am so scared to tell you how I feel

Even though for me I’m sure it’s real.

I don’t want to scare you away

So I keep it to myself from day to day.

But deep down inside of me

Is a violent, crashing, and angry sea.

And it is only when you are around

That those crashing waves calm down.

I want you only for myself

But I won’t keep you on a shelf.

I want to know what’s in your mind.

If you tell me your thoughts, I’ll tell you mine.

I want to know you inside and out.

I want to know what your life is about.

Believe it or not I care about you,

And I’ll always be true to you.



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Throwback Thursday – Poem # 21

My apologies for missing a couple of weeks. Life sometimes gets in the way. 🙂 This was written in the late ’80s.

You and I
I really do not have much to say,
But that I thought of you today.
I seem to think of you quite often,
And when I do, my face will soften.
I’ve memorized your every feature.
My, you are a handsome creature!
Whenever I see you I deeply sigh
And my spirit soars way up high.
When you smile at me my heart beats fast,
And I realize that my love for you is vast.
What is it about you,
That makes me do what you want me to do?
I want you to help me grow
And never let me go.
I want you to stay and hold my hand
And together, against the world, we’ll stand.
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Throwback Thursday – Poem # 20

I honestly have no clue if I wrote this for someone or because of something I read or something I watched. Those are my usual inspirations for poems. 🙂 It was written in the late ’80s – that much I do know.

How Do You Feel?
Do you feel the same for me?
It’s hard to tell and hard to see.
I’m scared to know and scared to ask.
I’ve been hurt so much in the past.
I need your arms around my waist, 
To feel your eyes search my face
For secrets inside I want to erase.
Although these things are comforting to me
I need to know our destiny.
I have to know what your feelings are
For mine are flying like a falling star.
When I’m with you I feel no pressure
But I still need to see a gesture
Of your feelings for me.
For I feel like a boat on an angry sea
And I need you to calm the waves
And to help me through this mindless maze.
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Throwback Thursday – Poem # 19

I wrote this poem in 1985 for my sister who was getting married. I asked her a few questions and came up with a poem. Of course, she is no longer married to that guy but has finally married her soul-mate. Good for her!

Wedding Day
Today is our wedding day
And I want to be able to say
That I am very happy for us
But I am also very nervous.
Although we know each other intimately
And we know each other intellectually
I’m still afraid of what lies ahead.
But although I have never said
That I want to go through life with you
That’s how I feel, truly I do.
Let us just live our new life day by day
And solve our problems together…
                                 Come what may.
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Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.

– Sophocles

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Throwback Thursday – Poem # 18

This poem was written in the late 80’s:

I want to think of you and me
Alone in a boat on the sea
With only the sound of waves.
We could be alone for days.
We wouldn’t have to worry
And we wouldn’t want to hurry.
We could fulfill our desire with ecstasy.
I only want you next to me.
We could make love time and again
And to me it wouldn’t be a sin.
Then we would return to reality
And the secret between you and me
Would be of our adventure on the sea.
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The man who wins may have been counted out several times, but he didn’t hear the referee.
– H E Jansen

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Throwback Thursday – Poem # 17

Late 80s

Lust is a troublesome thing,
As is the desire and mistakes it can bring.
How to describe our relationship
Would take too much time to fit
All our joys into one line.
But who cares this time?
All I want is to be with you
And to do everything we can do
In the short time we have,
That is all I care about.
You see, I long for you,
And no one can say who
Will come between us.
But let’s live one day at a time
And not decide on a relationship of some kind.
Let us just plan on being together.
As for me, nothing would be better
Than spending time with you
Doing all the things we love to do.
That is all I care about…
                                                      For now.


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Throwback Thursday – Poem # 16

This poem was written in the mid to late 80’s. I know I wrote this because of a book I was reading. There are parts of it that could be attributed to my current situation. I wonder if it was a premonition of some sort lol 🙂

My Paradise
I stopped to think today
And thought of you right away.
Your vision wavered before me,
Then cleared so I could see
The image of your handsome face.
My heart began its fast race.
Your eyes sparkle with laughter
And it was only you I sought after,
Because somehow you warmed my heart
And also tore my world apart.
I remember I said, “I’ll always be free.”
But now something is happening within me.
When I’m with you, I feel protected
In a world where I’ve been rejected.
I’m not sure I could live without you
But what is it I’m supposed to do?
I’ve never felt like this before,
And I’m not so sure what is right anymore.
All I know is that I want to stay with you
And that without you I’d be so blue.
I guess I could pay any price,
For you are my only hope of paradise.
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Throwback Thursday – Poem # 15

Written in the mid ’80s

Who Am I?
I can hear the waves crash upon the shore,
As I watch the boats go sailing by.
I can feel the ocean breeze blowing through my hair,
While I watch the seagulls soaring high in the sky.
My thoughts are in such a disorder,
I wish I could sort them out.
As I carry my boat to the beach,
I try to think what my life is about.
I want to sail away from life,
To get as far as I can from civilization.
I want to find out who I am,
I need to come to some kind of realization.
I find that I need to be free
To see all there is to see,
To find the person sleeping within me,
To know who I am to be.
God has a chosen plan
That He has given to every man.
It is up to us to find the key
That will reveal our destiny.
I hope that, with time,
Somehow I will discover mine
Hidden deep within my soul.
That is my life’s goal.
I know that with faith and prayer,
I can learn to be fair.
And find a life better than mine today,
Maybe then I’ll come home to stay.
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